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Mom: Time to wake up, honey! 宝贝,该起床了!

Kid: I’m still sleepy. 我好困。

Mom: Is waking up too hard? 这么不想起床吗?

Kid:Yes, Mommy. 是啊,妈妈。

Mom:Rise and shine! 太阳晒到屁股啦!

Good morning! Did you sleep well? 早上好!睡得好吗?

Kid:Yes,I slept well. 嗯,睡得很好。


Mom: What do you want to wear today? 今天想穿哪件衣服?

Kid: I want the red dress. 我想穿那件红色的连衣裙。

Mom: You’ll go out today. How about pants? 今天要出去,穿裤子可以吗?

Kid:NO, I like my red dress. 不,我就喜欢我的红色连衣裙。

Mom: Let’s get dressed. 穿衣服吧。

Let’s get changed. Hands up! 抬起手,让我们来换衣服。

Take off your pajamas. 把睡衣脱了。

Put on your socks. 穿上袜子。

Kid: I want to wear my Pororo shirt. 我想穿我的小企鹅衬衫。


Kid: Mommy, I want to pee. 妈妈,我要嘘嘘。

Mom: Hold it for a minute, honey. 宝贝,忍一会儿啊。

Kid: I can’t seem to hold it. 我忍不住了。

Mom: There! The bathroom’s over there. 快去,洗手间在那边。

Mom: Are you going to pee? 你要嘘嘘吗?

Do you want to go to the bathroom? 去不去洗手间?

Did you pee? 你嘘嘘了吗?

Kid: I peed in my pants. 我尿裤子了。

Mom: Can you pee on the potty? 尿在便盆里行吗?

Kid: Mom, I want to poo-poo. 妈妈,我要拉粑粑。

Mom: Do you need to poo? 你要拉粑粑吗?

Go and sit on your potty. 做到便盆上。

Have you done a poo? 拉完了吗?

Let me wipe your bottom. 我来给你擦屁股。


Mom: Go and wash up. 去洗漱吧。

Kid: Help me brush my teeth. 你帮我刷牙。

Mom: Now let me wash your face, too. 我再给你洗洗脸吧!

Kid: I can do it myself. 我可以自己洗。

这里引用Brush,Brush,Brush! 这首刷牙歌,孩子一边洗漱,父母一边唱。

Are your teeth clean and white?

Do you brush them day and night?

Do you brush them up and down?

Do you brush them left and right?

Do you rinse wish a swish making faces like a fish?

Do you swish, swish, spit, to rinse every little bit?

Are you brushing every day?

Every morning?

Every night?

Brush, brush, brush, to keep your teeth clean and white!


Mom: Eat your breakfast, honey. 宝贝,吃早餐吧。

Kid: I’m not hungry. 我不饿。

Mom: It’s your favorite foot. 都是你最喜欢吃的。

Kid: Okay, great! 啊,太好了。

Mom: Come and eat your breakfast. 过来吃早餐。

Kid1: I’m hungry, Mom. Get me breakfast. 妈妈,我饿了,给我早餐吧。

Kid2: I don’t want to eat breakfast. 我不想吃早餐。

What’s for breakfast? 早餐吃什么呢?

Mom: Seaweed soup is for breakfast. 早餐吃海带汤。

Mom: Chew your food well. 好好咀嚼食物。

Hurry up, or you will be late for school. 快吃,不然上学要迟到了。

Have you finished? 吃完了吗?

Kid1: I’m done. I’m full. 吃完了,我吃饱了。

Kid2: Just eat one more spoon. 再吃一勺吧。


Mom: Here comes the school bus. 校车来了。

Kid: Yay! It’s coming! 哇,车来了!

Mom: Have a great day, honey! 宝贝,祝你有美好的一天!

Kid: See you later! 再见!

Mom: let’s go to school! 去上学吧!

Put on your backpack. 背上书包。

Do you have everything ready? 东西都准备好了吗?

Put on your shoes. 穿上鞋。

I’m off to work. See you later! 妈妈去上班了,再见!

Mom: Hurry up, or you will miss the bus. 快点儿,不然要错过公交车了。

The bus is here. 公交车来了。

The bus is late today. 今天公交车晚点了。

Will you walk to school with me? 跟妈妈一起步行去学校好吗?

Have a wonderful time at school! 祝你在学校过得愉快!


Kid: I’m home! 我回来了!

Mom: Welcome back home, honey! 宝贝,欢迎回家!

Kid: Glad to see you again. 见到你真高兴。

Mom: Me, too! How was school? 我也是!今天在学校过得好吗?

Mom: Hello, dear! Did you have a good day? 你好,宝贝!今天过得好吗?

Welcome home! 欢迎回家。

Hey! I missed you! 嘿,我想你了!

Go and wash your hands. 去洗手吧。

Mom: How was your day? 今天过得怎么样?

Kid: Art class was fun. 美术课很有趣。

We played outside. 我们去外面玩了。

Mom: Did you have fun? 有意思吗?

Did you have a good time with your friends? 跟朋友一起玩得开心吗?

Was lunch good? 午饭好吃吗?


Mom: Dinner is ready! 晚饭做好了。

Kid: It smells so good. 闻起来好香啊。

Mom: I hope you are hungry. 饿了吧。

Kid: Wow! It’s baked fish! 哇,是烤鱼。

Mom: It’s dinner time! 该吃晚饭了。

Everybody, come to the table! 大家都过来吃饭!

Please put the spoons on the table. 请把勺子放到桌子上。

Please bring some water to the table. 请拿点儿水放桌子上。

Kid: Let me wash my hands. 我先洗手。

Kid: The soup tastes really good. 汤真好喝。

Please give me some more rice. 请再给我盛一点儿饭。

My mom’s food tastes the best. 妈妈做的饭最好吃了。

I dropped my food. 食物撒了。

Mom: Don’t eat with your fingers. 别用手抓饭吃。


Mom: Are you done with your homework? 你的作业做完了吗?

Kid: I’m still working on it. 我还在做。

Mom: Please get it done faster. 快点儿吧。

Kid: It’s easy, I can do it quickly. 很简单,我马上就做完了。

Mom: Do you have any homework? 你有作业吗?

Kid: I have no homework today. 今天没有作业。

Mom: Now go and do your homework. 快去做作业。

Kid: I don’t want to do it now. 我现在不想做。

I will do it later. 我晚点儿再做。

Mom: Do your homework first. 先做作业。

Kid: I have a little homework left. 我还剩下一点儿作业没做。

I haven’t done it yet. 我还没开始做。

Please help me with my homework. 请教我做作业吧.

I’m done! 我都做完了!


Kid: Can I watch TV? 我可以看电视吗?

Mom: What is on? 正在播放什么节目?

Kid: Sing along. 《欢唱童谣》

Mom: You can only watch this. 只能看这个哦。

Kid: I want to watch TV. 我想看电视。

Mom: What do you want to see? 你想看什么节目?

Kid: I want to watch Super simper song. 我想看SSS儿歌。

Mom: You can watch it for only 30 minutes. 只能看30分钟哦。

It’s too loud. Turn it down. 声音太大了,调小一点!

Move back! You are sitting too close to the TV. 往后坐!你离电视太近了。

Mom: Now turn the TV off. 该关电视了。

Kid: Can I watch TV a little longer? 我能再看一会儿电视吗?

I will watch TV a little longer? 我就看到5点整。

Mom: Watch it again after you finish your homework. 做完作业后再看。


Mom: It’s bath time! 该洗澡了!

Kid: Did you fill the bathtub? 浴缸里放满水了吗?

Mom: Yes! Enjoy your bath. 放满了,好好洗个澡吧。

Kid: Please give me my bath toys. 我要浴室玩具。

Mom: Let’s take a bath. 洗澡啦。

Get in the bathtub. 进浴缸里去。

Don’t splash a lot. 别到处洒水。

Let me wash you wish soap. 妈妈给你打香皂。

Let me wash your hair. 妈妈帮你洗头发。

Kid: I can wash my hair myself. 我可以自己洗头发。

Mom: Now let’s wash up the soap bubbles. 现在把泡泡冲干净。

Mom: Dry yourself wish a towel. 用毛巾把自己擦干。

Let me blow-dry hair. 我用吹风机给你吹干头发。

Now put on your pajamas. 现在穿上睡衣.


Kid: Mommy, I want to play. 妈妈,我想去玩。

Mom: Shh, it’s reading time. 嘘,现在是读书时间。

Let me read some books to you. 我读书给你听吧。

Kid: Read little blue and little yellow to me. 我要听《小蓝和小黄》

Kid: Read me a storybook, Mom. 妈妈,给我读故事书吧。

Mom: Do you want me to read a book to you? 要我读书给你听吗?

Hom about reading this book tonight? 今晚读这本书怎么样?

Pick any book you want to read. 你自己选想读的书吧。

Kid: Please read this to me. 请给我读这个吧。

Mom: Did you like the story? 你喜欢这个故事吗?

Kid: I love this story. 我喜欢这个故事。

Mom: Are you sleepy? Do you want to stop here? 困了吗?今天就读到这里行吗?

Kid: Read me one more book, please. 请再给我读一本书吧。

Mom: That’s enough for today. 今天到此为止。


Kid: I feel sleepy. 我困了。

Mom: Time for beddy-bye. Put on your pajamas. 该睡觉了,换上睡衣吧。

Kid: Good night, Mom! See you in the morning! 妈妈,晚安,明天见!

Mom: Good night! Sweet dreams! 晚安,做个好梦!

Mom: It’s time to go to bed. 该上床睡觉了。

Kid: I’m not tired yet. 我还不困。

I want to go to sleep. 我要睡觉。

Mom: It’s late. Jump into bed! 很晚了,去睡觉吧。

Let me tuck you in. 妈妈给你该被子。

Mom: Sleep time! Lights out! 该睡觉了,把灯关了!

Kid: Mom, don’t turn off the light. 妈妈,别关灯。

Mom: Give me a beddy-bye kiss, sweetie. 宝贝,给妈妈一个晚安吻。

Do you want me to sing a lullaby? 要妈妈给你唱摇篮曲吗?

Good night. Sleep tight! 晚安,睡个好觉!


Mom: Where is my princess? 我的小公主在哪儿?

Kid: Here I am! 我在这儿!

Mom: There! Come and give me a hug. 在哪儿呀,过来抱抱。

Kid: I love you! 我爱你!

Mom: Come here and kiss me, darling! 亲爱的,过来亲亲妈妈!

Blow me a kiss, honey. 小甜心,飞吻一个。

It feels so good to hug you. 抱着你真幸福。

I love having you in my arms. 我喜欢这样抱着你.

Mom: You make me very happy. 你是我的开心果。

How lucky I am to have you! 妈妈真幸运能有你这样的孩子!

I’m glad to have you as my boy/girl. 真高兴你是我的儿子/女儿。

How handsome/pretty you me! 你真帅/漂亮!

You are the best son/daughter in the whole world! 你是全世上最好的儿子/女儿!

Kid: Who do you love the most in the world, Mommy? 妈妈,在这个世界上你最爱谁?


Mom: I’m sorry that I yelled at you. 对不起,妈妈不该冲你大喊。

Kid: It was my fault. 是我做错事了。

Mom: I apologize! 我为自己的行为道歉。

Kid: I’m sorry, too. 我也对不起你。

Mom: I’m really sorry. 真对不起。

Please accept my apology. 请接受我的道歉。

Kid: I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. 对不起,我再也不那样做了。

Mom: That’s okay! 没关系。

Say sorry to your brother. 跟哥哥说道歉。

Mom: I’m sorry that I was late. 对不起,我迟到了。

I’m sorry, I was mad. 对不起,我不该发脾气。

Sorry I misunderstood you. 对不起,我误会你了。

Kid: I’m sorry I ruined your homework. 对不起,我把你的作业弄得一团遭。

Kid: I’m sorry that I hurt you. 对不起,让你伤心了。


Dad: Ta-da! I brought a present for you. 看!我给你带了礼物。

Kid: Wow, it’s the one I wanted. 哇,这正是我想要的。

Mom: Great! Did you say thanks to Dad? 太好了!你谢谢爸爸了吗?

Kid: Thanks a lot, Dad! 爸爸,太感谢你了!

Kid: Thank you. I appreciate it. 谢谢,我非常感激。

Thank you for the compliment. 谢谢夸奖。

Thank you for your help. 谢谢你的帮助。

You’re the best dad ever! 爸爸最好了!

Mom: Say thanks to your big brother! 跟哥哥说谢谢!

Kid: It’s not a big deal. 这不算什么。

You’re very welcome. 不客气。

The pleasure is mine. 是我的荣幸。

I’m glad it helped. 很高兴能帮到你。

Mom: I’m glad you like it. 你喜欢就好。


Kid: Mommy, come and look at me! 妈妈,过来看看我!

Mom: Wow! Fantastic! 哇!真棒!

Kid: Yeah, I can jump on Rollerblades! 啊,我滑冰时可以蹦起来了!

Mom: I’m glad you made it! 真高兴你做到了!

Mom: Let’s give it a try. Good job! 我们试一试吧。干得好!

Practice makes you better. 练习能提升你的能力。

Kid: Help me to practice, Mommy. 妈妈,帮我练习吧。

Mom: You are already good! 你已经很棒了!

I’m proud of you, darling! 亲爱的,我为你感到骄傲!

Kid: I did this by myself. 这是我独立完成的。

Mom: I can’t believe you did this alone. 你独自做到了,真令人难以置信。

You seem to have practiced quite a lot. 你好像练习很久了。

I knew you would do it. 妈妈就知道你能做到。

I’m proud of you for not giving up. 你没有放弃,妈妈以你为傲。


Mom: Say hello to grandpa! 跟爷爷打招呼!

Did you say hi to our neighbors? 和邻居打招呼了吗?

You are such a well mannered girl/boy. 你真有礼貌。

You say hello to everyone. Wonderful! 你跟所有人打都打招呼了,真棒!

Say bye-bye to your friend now. 现在得跟朋友说再见了。

Grandma is leaving. Say goodbye to her! 奶奶要走了,跟奶奶说再见!


Mom: We’ll be late. Hurry up! 我们要迟到了,快点儿!

Kid: I’m trying as fast as I can. 这已经是最快的速度了。

Mom: I know you are. Keep going! 我知道,继续!

Kid: Huff, huff! I’m out of breath. 呼……我都喘不上来气了。

Mom: Are you ready? 好了吗?

Kid: I’m almost ready. 差不多了。

Mom: You should go out right away. Quick, quick! 你得马上出去,快点儿。快点儿!

Kid: Don’t push me, please. 请不要催我了。

Mom: We should leave at least by 1:30. 我们最晚一点半得出发。

We can’t seem to make it on home. 我们可能赶不上了。

Kid: Mom, we need to hurry up. 妈妈,我们得快点儿。

Mom: Oh, my! We’re late. 哦,天啊!我们要迟到了。

Mom: I’m sorry I’m running a little late. 对不起,我得晚点儿到。

I’m going to be about 20 minutes late. 我大概会晚20分钟。


Kid: How many days are left until my birthday? 离我的生日还有多少天?

Mom: It’s next Thursday. Just one week is left. 你的生日是下周四,还有一周就到了。

Kid: I want a robot for my birthday. 我想要机器人作为生日礼物。

Mom: Sure, you can get that. 好,我给你买。

Mom: Your birthday is this Friday. 这周五是你的生日。

Kid: I can’t wait for my birthday to come. 我迫切希望我的生日早日到来。

When is Dad’s birthday? 爸爸的生日是什么时候?

Mom: What do you want for your birthday? 你想要什么生日礼物?

Mom: Happy birthday to you! 祝你生日快乐!

I got a huge chocolate cake for you. 我给你买了一个大大的千克力蛋糕。

Blow out the candles! 吹蜡烛吧!

You can open your birthday gifts. 打开你的生日礼物看看。

Kid: I want to invite you to my birthday party. 我想邀请你参加我的生日派对。

Thank you for inviting me. 谢谢你邀请我。

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